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We are a family of 5 that recently turned to 6 with the addition of a son in law. Our oldest daughter and her husband had their wedding here at The Villa in September of 2022. It was quite fitting for their wedding to be the first of many. 

Our family moved to this beautiful property in 2021. We previously lived on a cul-de-sac which suited our lifestyle while the kids were young. We could walk to school and mingle with neighbours and friends. A typical suburban upbringing. While beginning the planning of our daughters wedding we started looking at wedding venues. I fell in love with the idea of living and working on an acreage and creating an idealistic space for people to have weddings.

My husband and I have a long history of building, designing, and creating. We have a long term plan and vision for this property and I hope you follow along to see the dream become reality.

While the future ceremony and reception site is under construction we have created a space to host your wedding nestled right in the vines here at The Villa. We have removed a row of vines to create a natural ceremony space with a spectacular view of the mountains and neighbouring orchards and vineyards. We feel more than confident that we can make your day special and beautiful. 

While the new venue space in The Villa will have a fully functioning kitchen at completion, we have transformed the old tasting room on the property into a caterers kitchen in case of construction delays to facilitate your reception dinner to whichever style you envision.

We realize that it is difficult to have faith in our ability and our vision on such an important aspect of your wedding day when there is not a physical space yet created. We sincerely promise that when your day arrives your wedding will be absolutely beautiful and we will work with you to create your vision for that day.

Please move to the Wedding Venue page for details on our pricing and what that includes.

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