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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Our whole family has learned so much these past few months. Pruning and maintaining the vineyard became a whole family affair. With the help of friends with knowhow and a great vineyard consultant we made the vineyard look beautiful and there are grapes! We all have our favourite tools belts and pruners and have really truly enjoyed learning how to manage these grapevines.

Mowing... in my whole life I have never mowed the lawn. Allergies, asthma etc. Now it is my favourite chore.

Having lived in our old home for so many years it took a while for this one to feel like we belonged. It really is starting to feel more like home for me. I believe this has something to do with the colours changing inside... I don’t know that the kids feel that yet as this has been a huge adjustment, more so for them. However, the addition of our cat, Bea, has helped a little I think… My kids have always longed to have a pet but I am allergic to all animals, among other things. She lives outside in the old wine shop as shelter, does her hunting job very well and is incredibly sweet and cuddly. Best of both worlds. We could not have asked for a better pet.

And here we are in the construction phase of our "two storey accessory building". It has been stressful to say the least! The placement of the building was an easy decision. The vineyard was in poor shape which included an acre of dead grapes so it was an easy decision to remove some posts and insert what we call The Villa right nestled in the vines. Our goal was to have the foundation and stamped concrete pad poured for our daughters wedding on September 10th and we made it - just under the wire. Poured concrete on Tuesday and had a tented wedding on Saturday!

It's been a whirlwind. To say time goes by too quickly is such an understatement. My daughter is married... While it feels like a natural time to slow down now after a strict deadline and a couple of weddings I know it will be a quick break! Keep watch on my instagram @thevilledellavalle and/or website for construction and wedding venue updates.

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