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Everyone always says that good things come to those who wait. Well.... Good things are coming. Everything is changing.

My husband and I have lived with our three daughters on the same street for 21 years. The perfect street. Picturesque cul-de-sac in a great neighbourhood across from a park with a pond for feeding the ducks in the summer and skating in the winter. Who could ask for anything more, right?

Well.. me I guess.

We spent the better part of the last 15 years renovating this home piece by piece, room by room. Addicted to HGTV and inspired by the Baeumlers, Scott Mcgillivray, Sarah Richardson and oh my goodness Chip and Joanna Gains just to name a few. We learned A LOT about our house and our style over the years. We started out as DIYer's and graduated to renovators. A true team. We are creators and definitely dreamers....

A few years ago we decided to undo some of our earlier renovations and completely redo (gut) our whole main floor. We had discussed the design and layout extensively over the years and finally decided to just bite the bullet and start demolition. The project took about a year and half as we were doing as much of the work ourselves as we could (or were forced to do due to insufficient trades).

The finished product was amazing. Straight out of an HGTV episode. Carefully designed, beautifully laid out and meticulously finished. We were done right before COVID hit. During the pandemic we enjoyed cooking and baking in the new kitchen and just being in the finished space. Everyone had somewhere to work or zoom, workout or whatever we could do to keep busy during lockdown.

But.. being the creator and dreamers that we are - something was missing. Now what? No project? What do we actually do with ourselves now?! And the dreaming began again.

Which brings us here, to our new adventure. Our new project (or series of little and big projects). We just bought 7 acres with an old house and a vineyard that both need A LOT of work!

Two of my three kids have never lived in a different house. Never moved before. Came home from the hospital to our home. Our memories. Heart and soul. Or so we thought.

We have packed up and moved in to our new property on the coldest week of the winter season! It's -25 degrees outside. Plumbing issues galore, moldy dishwasher, moldy washing machine, moldy shower, cobwebs, electric heat, septic system repairs (and a replacement to come) and a lot of other little things that are very different from our newly renovated suburban home.

This is where we start. Where I invite you on our next journey, our next project, our next creation. Let the dream begin!

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